2020 Annual Report

"2020 was a year like no other. This Annual Report tells some small portion of the story of what our St. Charles caregivers endured to fight on the frontlines of a global pandemic. It also shows – through the numbers – how St. Charles was hard hit financially due to COVID-19. That recovery is just now slowly beginning."

It’s a year we won’t easily forget. We have learned countless lessons about how to prepare for and endure a life-altering situation where our services were impacted at every level. We put up tents, pleaded with our community for hand-sewn masks, stockpiled hospital beds in storage spaces and went home every day with the fear of bringing a new, unknown virus with us to our families.

We became not only caregivers, but friends and family for our COVID-19 patients when we couldn’t risk allowing visitors inside our facilities. We celebrated birthdays at the bedside, used technology to give family members a chance to say goodbye and held the hands of those who wouldn’t survive.

And, we learned to celebrate the victories. So many of our patients did get well. They went home and gave us the hope we needed to carry on. Then we started vaccinating our community and thousands of you volunteered to help be a part of the solution.

I’m beyond proud of our St. Charles family for living out our mission and showing up again and again in a spirit of love and compassion for the communities we serve during these challenging and unforgettable times.

Thank you for taking the time to share this journey with us.

- Joe Sluka, president and CEO of St. Charles Health System

2020 Annual Report